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Gift N Treat is offering an opportunity to start growing you business with Gift N Treat.

Gift N Treat stores are the best destination for all your floral & gifting needs. Every Gift N Treat store offers a vast assortment of Flowers, Cakes, Chocolates, Cushions, Mugs, Sweets, Dry Fruits, Plants, Celebrity Video Messages, Personalised Gifts & More.

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Why do vendors with Gift N Treat?

1. Increased Visibility: Becoming a vendor with Gift N Treat can help vendors increase their visibility and reach a wider customer base through the platform's online presence and marketing efforts.

2. Business Growth: Working with Gift N Treat can lead to business growth opportunities for vendors by tapping into a larger market and attracting more customers.

3. Diversification: Vendors can diversify their sales channels by partnering with Gift N Treat, offering their products and services to a new set of customers.

4. Support and Guidance: Gift N Treat provides support, guidance, and assistance to its vendors, helping them navigate the online marketplace and optimize their sales.

5. Collaboration Opportunities: Vendors can collaborate with Gift N Treat on promotional campaigns, special events, and marketing activities to further enhance their brand and reach.



1. Why Should You Choose Gift N Treat as Your Seller?
Gift N Treat has been in the gifting industry for over 11 years. Over the years it has earned customer’s trust and reputation of being credible. Only quality products are listed on the website. Thus, we provide you with an extensive and wide network to take your products to customers all over India.
2. How Do I Sell My Product on Gift N Treat?
We have different product categories under which you can list your products. You have to fill and submit the form, and our team will contact you to explain the procedure.
3. How do you make the Payment?
The payment is made through online for transparency and authenticity.
4. When Can I start selling?
Upon completion of your seller profile and verification of your required documents, you can start selling with us.
5. What Products Can I Sell?
You can sell gift items that are best suited for diverse recipient groups. We accept only quality products in excellent condition. Please ensure that there are no damages. We recommend the pieces be stored and maintained properly so receivers receive a product that matches their expectations.
6. Requirement to join?
Arrangement by vendor:
  • Laptop
  • Printer
  • Store Banner 2.5 X 6 feet

Arrangemet by company

  • Visiting Card
  • Wishing Cards
  • Packing Materials

Product that we sales

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